Welcome driver!

zicXoc is an RSDU (Ride Share Drivers United) initiative designed with professional drivers in mind.

An app based booking system, designed to connect drivers with riders directly, enabling drivers to run a truly independent business, while offering passengers a better service for better value.

The program has now entered it’s beta stage, drivers who wish to join the driving force are welcome register an expression of interest. We will contact you as soon as zicXoc is ready to go.

The zicXoc Difference

With zicXoc you are truly your own boss.

Pay zero commissions, keep the entire fare.
Pre set your own Km/Minute fare rates.
Be able to grow your own business.
Collect payment directly at the end of each trip.
Riders are able to pre-book you using your driver ID.
Transparent rating system run by an independent rating service provider.
And much more…click here to leave an expression of interest now.